Creating Ease in Intricate Taan Patterns and Tihai

When and Where:

Date: Sunday 10/25, 2020

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: 11 AM - 1 PM EDT

Cost: $45 or pay what you can

INR: $1500 ($20) - paypal available

Short intro for website & social:

Are you a musician struggling with executing intricate tihais and taans in your performance (whether vocal or instrumental, European or Hindustani/carnatic)? Learn exercises that will allow you to execute intricate rhythmic patterns in different layas (speed) with ease into your music. Taught by Hidayat Khan and accompanied by Avirodh Sharma on tabla, this class will help you take your performance and improvisational capabilities to a stronger place.

Experience required:

Knowledge of Taan singing in a composition, and a good grasp of Teentaal

Who this is for: 

Hindustani singers and instrumentalists looking for new ways of practicing their taans and understanding rhythm patterns in taan singing. Tabla players are encouraged to attend.

For pre-professionals and serious students.

What you will get out of it: 

New techniques create taans and tihayis for your daily riyaaz

Sunday 10/25/2020

11:00 PM EST


01:00 PM EST









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