Expanding your Upper Vocal Range

Expanding your upper vocal range - Science and Technique for Indian classical vocalists

When and Where:

Date: Saturday, December 12 

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: 3 - 5 PM PM EDT 

Cost: $40 or pay what you can

A blended voice from the bottom of your range until your high Pa (or even higher) is a highly sought after skill in both Carnatic and Hindustani genres. Oftentimes the voice “cracks” into a head voice after a few high notes leading to a breathy or weak sound, or the voice feels forced or “pushed” into the higher octaves, leading to quick fatigue and long term vocal issues

The mixed voice is an advanced vocal coordination that requires a balance of vocal musculature, your head and chest voice, and breath. Learn how to balance all three in this exploration of Tara Sthayi/Taar Saptak (the upper octave). Both Carnatic and Hindustani singers are welcome!

Experience required:

Varnam level and above for Carnatic singers, Hindustani singers who are beginning their working on their alaap, any singer struggling with managing an effortless mixed voice.

Props needed: Please bring a straw and a half cup of water

Who this is for: 

Singers of any genre who would like to finesse their blended registers

What you will get out of it: 

Exercises to add help you identify, self correct and enhance your mixed voice

Saturday 12/12/2020

03:00 PM EST


05:00 PM EST







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