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Porn, Sex & CyberSpace: What you Need to Know

WARNING: Possible triggers. Recommended age: 18 and older due to the mature content.

As parents, we want more than everything to keep our kids safe. Too often, parents are unaware of the potential hazards involved when we hand a cell phone over to our kids. The cyberworld has, unfortunately, become a portal for instant access to pornography, connecting on sites such as Bumble or Tinder to hook up (it can be used for connecting with potential friends) and unintentionally being phished by pedophiles or human trafficking rings. Does this frighten the heck out of you? Well, it should. But if you're looking to learn more about how to chat with your kids about internet safety and informing them on the multiple potential harms staring them in the face; this workshop is for you. 

What we'll be addressing: 

*Responsible Internet Use: What does that look like

*The detrimental impact of porn and how it has evolved in the past ten years doing irreversible damage to our young people

* Awareness of Human Trafficking and Pedophilia: Red flags, prevalence and ways to keep you and them safe 

* The mental impact it has on us

Wednesday 09/16/2020

03:00 PM MST


04:30 PM MST

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