Katy Hernandez Community Social Work

by Katy Hernandez


Katy finished all of her classes and began her practicum in January 2017 and graduated in November 2017 as a professional social worker.  

She is very active with all the Missioners ministries.  Katy is now the Community Social Worker and very much needs your support so we can provide her a salary.

"The poverty in Honduras is a tangible reality. Social Work is my way of serving the poor. It is a career not only of love, but also of social change. Through it, I can accompany the people as a mentor and friend, and also help them find the necessary tools to live the dignified life that God desires for them. The opportunity to study social work was a gift from God. Now, working professionally, I can serve and be loving to the smallest that God has entrusted to us." - Katy 

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