Omar Saenz's Psychology University Fund

by Omar Saenz


This is Omar from the Missioners of Christ community in Comayagua, Honduras. It is incredible to recognize that it has been 10 years since my first contact with the Missioners through a Youth 2000 retreat where God made it clear that He is asking me to offer my life in His service. My time as a member of the community has been one of the greatest blessings that I have received from God. To serve others with the gifts that God has given me has inspired me to be a Catholic radically committed to my faith. The Lord has called me first to know and love Him, and then to serve him in my brothers and sisters who walk in sadness, hopelessness, and in those who are abandoned, and sick. In serving my brother, I am finding healing in my own heart and soul.

Serving in the community has been a huge blessing for my spiritual life, it has shown me the real role of the laity in the church. I am working specifically with youth who always show me a lot of the capacity for service of others that they have and of the need the church has of their rejuvenating spirit. At this time in my life I feel the need to serve the church and others in a more professional manner and I'm inclined to help in the spiritual and emotional healing of persons. This is why I have decided to begin my university studies in psychology.

Currently in the Missioners of Christ community I have the title of Director of Community Life, and at the same time I participate in local ministries like supporting a group of young men called Men of Christ, visiting homes, among others. However my main focus is coordinating Community life and the missions in the different parishes which we support.

By means of the community, the Lord has revealed to me that my past has been redeemed, that my present has purpose, and that my future is in His hands full of mercy. Currently, I am in the process of discerning my vocation and although I am open, I am drawn to consecrate all my life to the Lord as a religious and/or priest.

In this process of discernment, I feel that the Lord is asking me to more formal preparation in service through a university degree. I would like to study Psychology because through my own experience of life, I have realized the deep need that our society has to be healed from its wounds. This need is both for psychological and spiritual healing and through my preparation I will be able to both serve the community and my country more effectively. It will also help in my vocational discernment as solid preparation for religious life or marriage whichever is God?s will.

As God?s plan becomes clearer, I am asking your collaboration through prayer and financial support knowing that God is faithful to repay all that you generously give. I need sponsors to begin my studies in the university. It is my desire to begin in April 2017. The total costs of my studies monthly will be approximately $250 for about 5 years. I am looking for 10 benefactors who are able to help with a monthly contribution of $25. If you are not able to give this quantity or are able to give more each month, any contribution will be a gift.

If you are able to help, please fill in and return the attached sponsorship registration form. Be assured of my constant prayers for you. Thank you for considering helping me.

Blessings in Christ and Mary,

Omar Saenz

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