My life is Mission!

by Vilma Hernandez


My name is Vilma Hern├índez. I was born in Comayagua, Honduras, and  I come from a Catholic family. Since I was a child I always loved going to church, especially to catechesis, and I always dreamed of being a catechist one day. After the sacrament of confirmation I took a course to be a catechist, and thus I began to know Christ more and transmit Him to the little ones. In 2012 in my parish, conducting a retreat with the Missionaries of Charity for the children of first communion, I met the community of Missioners of Christ. They came to guide the retreat, and I loved seeing young people serving with great joy, charisma and hope. That day I felt that the Lord put in my heart a deeper desire to serve with that same joy. Tt was then that they invited me to a meeting that they held every month where they gave us more spiritual and human formation. I then participated In a retreat called Bread of Life, and it was there that I had a true encounter with Christ in the Eucharist and confession. Since then, the Lord called me to be a missionary, to leave all my comforts and follow Him without limits. I have been more than 8 years as a missionary living in community, taking the word of God to the most remote places, and listening to the voice of God every day through prayer. I am convinced that I am called to bring the light of Christ to the world so in need of love and hope. My life is mission.

Where I am now,

After these years living in community and serving those most in need, the Lord placed a stronger desire in my heart to give my life completely to Him as a consecrated person. I have begun a process of discerning consecrated life as a permanent vocation, to serve in a more profound and dedicated way. My greatest desire is that everyone know the healing and merciful love of our Father God, giving testimony of everything He has done in my life and being an instrument of healing for others.

Would you be part of this mission with me? I invite you to be part.                                                       

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