by Carol Restaine


Letter from Tom Esposito, Servant Leader

In 2001, Carol took a step in faith in heading down to Honduras to serve the poor, only a year after the Missioners of Christ were formally established. A handful of us supported her prayerfully and financially to make this long-term calling of Carol?s a reality. It is amazing, in retrospect, to look at the work God has done through her over the past 15+ years. More than 1,200 individuals have participated in short term missions in Comayagua, Honduras.   Additionally, over 100 young missionaries, from the States, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico have served under Carol in Honduras for periods of three months to seven+ years, living in community in our John Paul II Center for Evangelization. Those who know Carol acknowledge that you cannot meet her and be unchanged.

Up until 2011, Carol served as a volunteer without a stipend. We covered her room and board, basic missionary health insurance, and a trip back to the United States each year. It was in 2011 that we were convinced that we needed to provide some form of compensation for Carol so that she had the ability to cover personal expenses, visit family, and the like.  She never asked for this, but we felt it was just to do so. This minimum wage salary was? and remains? unfunded. We have had to draw from different applicable funds as well as unrestricted donations to try to fund this salary.  Yet in evaluating our budget moving forward, the reality is that we cannot continue the proverbial ?robbing Peter to pay Paul? to make this happen.

Carol has demonstrated clearly that she is in this for the long-haul? further evidenced by her recent engagement in formation in spiritual direction so that she can better help the poor. Our desire is to assure a permanence for her role as Local Servant and leader in the MOC community.  We have calculated that to fund her position fully, providing a continued salary, a small quarterly contribution to a retirement fund, and a more comprehensive health care plan, it will cost about $2,000 monthly. Currently, Carol?s personal benefactors contribute about $400 each month. 

I am asking you to consider becoming a monthly benefactor for Carol, so that we collectively can secure Carol?s role for the future, allowing her to focus on doing what she does best?giving herself fully to Christ in the person whom He has placed in front of her. We certainly are grateful for one time contributions, but in considering the long-term, we are hoping that enough people whom have benefited from knowing Carol will consider a monthly donation. Even as little as $15 a month from a collection of people will make a difference (though we are hoping some can give more). We realize that none of us know what the future holds, and even monthly contributors may have to make changes down the line.  That said, it is much easier to fill-the-gap each year when a few donor?s circumstances change, as opposed to starting from scratch each time the need becomes evident.

 I do thank you for your time and your past support of Carol and the Missioners of Christ. May God continue to bless you and your family, and may His Blessed Mother place her mantle of protection about you and your loved ones.


Tom Esposito, Servant-Leader
Missioners of Christ 

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