Del encuentro a la mision

by Karen Calix


Dear Friends,

I am blessed to serve with the community of the MISSIONERS OF CHRIST in Honduras, a Catholic mission community. 

My Story: I met the Missioners of Christ when they came to my parish in 2007. I began to visit the community, to help them with the missions and to receive formation. I was so impressed by the work and love with which they served the poor in the missions that I felt in my heart the call to serve as a full time missionary.  From 2010 - 2011, I lived in the mission house and after declaring that I was called to religious life, I joined the Poor Clare order in 2013. After four years of contemplating the contemplative cloistered vocation, I felt that the Lord is calling me to share more love with the people of the world and not in the cloister. The Missioners of Christ opened again the doors of their house and their hearts to share again what I have received. I feel that I am an answer to the prayers that for many years made some members of the community and that my return was in the plan of God for my life.

Through the need of healing and personal spiritual liberation and of many young people and even consecrated ones that we serve, I feel that the Lord asks me to train in this area through a spiritual formation that provides me with the adequate tools to prepare myself better and to help others with the grace of God, to love and serve Him with more freedom.

The funds I wish to raise will  pay for some personal things, online courses that will help me better prepare myself to serve in the ministry of healing and intercession. 

If you can, please make an online donation here or mail a check to Missioners of Christ on my behalf. You can make the check to Missioners of Christ with my name in the memo line (Karen Calix) and mail to:

Missioners of Christ

ATTN: Missions Support

3127 Racine Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23509

Your donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for all the support and prayers.

How would you like to support?