Kathleen Lucia


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Currently I work at a homeless shelter but I have felt called to serve in a different way. As I have prayed for an opportunity to become more connected with the poor, have my heart break and be able to walk physically with those suffering to love Jesus in this way, I have been given an opportunity to serve in Honduras this summer. I was blessed with the privilege to serve on a mission with them last summer and it greatly impacted my life and faith. 

The mission in Honduras is one of receptivity of another's heart. From my experience last year there are not homes or wells being built, as this is beautiful and needed, but this mission is to meet people in their homes, talk, pray, invite them to daily programs, and mass at the end of the week. Some of the programs in the village we served throughout the week included: activities for youth, talks for young adults, and adults. The missionaries share their testimonies to the people who attend the programs. 

The people of Honduras offered everything they had; their hearts, homes, stories, coffee, seats, and time. It was incredible seeing families walk many miles for the programs put on by the missioners, and at the end of the week walk to mass and time in adoration; which is not readily available all the time. Witnessing young mothers, elderly, and men who have worked all day, walk to church to receive the Eucharist and feel the incredible reverence was aw taking. 

The Eucharist is our source, our love, and what I desire most. This is what is leading me back to this mission, and I hope if you pray and feel called you will join in whatever way you can. Any funds or prayers will be put toward the Missioners of Christ to continue to serve our brothers and sisters in Honduras. I thank you for taking the time to read this and the consideration of becoming a part of this mission, as we are one body. God bless you. 

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