A Birthday Wish for Felix!

by Gretchen Roethle

Supporting: CEID Virtual Walk-A-Thon 2021 for Center For Early Intervention On Deafness



It's another CEID Walk-a-thon! Like last year, this one will be socially distanced and not quite the same as the traditional walk around Lake Merritt. Nonetheless, it's a great cause and one near and dear to our hearts. Our family would be lost without CEID!

When our Felix was just 5 days old, he was hospitalized with hyperbilirubenemia (severe jaundice) caused by a rare blood disorder. We were so lucky that he survived - and that we live so close to Children's Hospital in Oakland (Thank you, CHO!). At just 3 weeks old he was diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy, caused by the severe bilirubin getting into his brain. The first year of his life was agonizing to say the least. In addition to his hearing, he suffers motor delays and challenges caused by the jaundice getting into his brain. 

If it weren't for the teachers and therapists at CEID intervening when Felix was just 6 months old, I don't know where we would be. Just this week, we were told he is testing above average for language for his age!! He is running, riding a scoot bike, making jokes, and thriving all because of this program. 

CEID runs solely on donations and fundraisers. 

If you can consider donating, he and his friends (and future attendees) will truly appreciate it! Your Dollars=Real Impacts!


The Roethle Family