Help Rowan and his Family Thank CEID

by Erin & Dan Starr

Supporting: CEID Virtual Walk-A-Thon 2021 for Center For Early Intervention On Deafness


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April 24th is CEID's yearly walk-a-thon and we want to take this opportunity to thank CEID and share with our family and friends how much CEID means to Rowan and our family.

This past year has been a lot different than expected, but CEID has been amazing with its support of families: providing in-room classes as well as terrific tele-education and therapy for Rowan.  We did last year's walk-a-thon in Alameda with outstanding success thanks to the donations from friends and family.  This year's walk-a-thon will be different for us, but we still would appreciate consideration of how impactful CEID has been.

Many of you know that Rowan was born deaf, but it is hard to imagine the impact that can have on a person. Whether born to deaf or hearing parents, the Deaf experience challenges living in a Hearing Dominated World. CEID is providing Rowan with so many tools and resources to boost his learning in areas that would otherwise be very difficult for him. The combination of small student to teacher ratio and on-site special therapy for speech and language are allowing him to grow and learn at a relatively normal pace. Most importantly, he LOVES school. Where he might otherwise not have as many opportunities for social interaction as hearing children, he is able to communicate with his teachers through song and sign and play with other kids with hearing challenges.

CEID is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and relies on donations. Thanks to private support, no child has ever been turned away from CEID.

Rowan telling is own story about a fish, a whale and a mountain. (April 19, 2021)

Rowan loves singing the Baby Shark song (May 4, 2021)

Playing at CEID school during the California Fires, Sept. 2020

Playtime at CEID with friends, Sept 2020

Rowan at school with his speech therapist, Carol:

From last year's walk-a-thon page: