Andy & Norah's Walk for CEID

by Andy and Norah

Supporting: CEID Virtual Walk-A-Thon 2021 for Center For Early Intervention On Deafness


Campaign has ended.


From Norah:

Let me tell you about CEID, the Center for Early Intervention on Deafness. This Saturday, the 24th of April, CEID is having their annual Walkathon. Of course, since COVID-19, we have to have social distance and instead we will all be "Walking Where we Are" for CEID.

When I was born CEID was the one who diagnosed my hearing loss. From 0-3 years old I had home visits with a teacher and she helped me and my family learn about my hearing loss. Without CEID I wouldn’t be where I am today. As you can see CEID is a very kind and helpful community that would do anything to take care of kids with hearing loss.

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From Andy:

We will never forget how CEID helped us with Norah from the beginning. Today she's an enthusiastic 5th grader active in taekwondo, robotics, soccer, and music. 

As you can tell, we know firsthand what CEID can do and we help CEID by serving on the Board, Walking, and (trying) to Golf every year. Young children are benefitting from the great work CEID does--even through the pandemic--but we need your help as much as ever. The need has never been greater. Your support is well-appreciated!

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