Inspire the Future Through Science and Music!

by Jerry Kovarsky

Supporting: Inspire the Future Through Science and Music! for Bob Moog Foundation



Some of you know I am on the Board Of Directors of the Bob Moog Foundation, and I support the foundation with all of my heart and soul (and $$$!). They have begun a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to expand their hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob?s SoundSchool, which teaches young children about the science of sound through music and technology. It brings me such joy to see the smiles on the faces of the kids as they get actively involved in the science of sound. Would you consider making a donation to my personal campaign to raise $2,500 for the BMF before the end of the year (which is part of a larger goal for the Board and supporters to raise $30,000 before by December 31st)? Any amount is appreciated and honored. Here's the link to my personal page: Many thanks in advance for your consideration. Jerry


Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, our hallmark education initiative,  is in its fifth year of inspiring elementary school children about the science of sound through music and technology. The 10-week curriculum meets national standards while providing an innovative approach to science engagement, with each lesson being experiential and multi-sensory. The results have been exceptional, and the feedback from the students, teachers, parents and administrators has been enthusiastic, with many requests to grow the program. 

 We currently serve over 1,500 children each year in 75 classrooms in western North Carolina. Our goal for this year is to double the amount of school districts and classrooms that we serve in 2017, including expanding our services outside of our area by providing a pilot program in a high-need Los Angeles school district! With your help we can reach 4,000 kids, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, and fully engage them in the discovery of science by using many concepts inherent in Bob Moog's  legacy of innovation. To achieve that goal, we need to raise $30,000. We ask for your help so that we can inspire more children, not only about science, but about the process of discovery and creative thinking. 

A $50 donation helps provide one child with 10 experiential, innovative Dr. Bob's SoundSchool lessons (that's a mere $5 per lesson!), $1,000 sponsors an entire classroom, delivering over 200 individual lessons. This funding provides for in-depth teacher training and support, custom educational materials including a theremin,  a curriculum that includes comprehensive lesson plans and online supplemental materials, and administrative support. 

Please join us in inspiring the next generation of innovators and problem solvers

The Bob Moog Foundation is an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We are not associated with the company, Moog Music, Inc.

Our support comes from donors like you! Thank you for making our work possible.

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