In memory of Jim Rickett

by John Rickett




As many of you know my brother Jim Rickett passed away on June 26, 2016 doing what he loved in his barn making horse shoes. His passion in life were horses and helping people in need. Over the past 10 years he has opened his home to many foreign exchange students from all parts of the world and in the last two years was certified by the state of Missouri for allowing him to become a foster parent. He had two foster kids living with him when he passed. His home town of Mattoon, Illinois is building a new Homeless Shelter for needy family's and for people who have situations that have left them without means of having a place to sleep, eat, shower and seek refuge from heat or cold, Jim would be very proud to be in a position to help these people and that is why I am asking for your help in his name. Let's do this for Jim and his memory. Every bit helps so if you can donate that's great. Let's meet this goal and in doing so make Jim proud.

The current Mattoon Area PADS' facility which opened in 2001 is no longer sufficient to provide the numerous services for our community.   Each month our volunteers serve around 1,200 plates of food, on most nights there is standing room only. The dining area serves as laundry, meeting and office space.  

Dinning Area

There is no separate room for women and children, everyone sleeps in one room separated by curtains. That is not the ideal situation for women and children. 

There is no room for onsite classes which currently are held off site.  Lack off office space makes it difficult to conduct confidential case management services for our guests. 


The new facility, which will be located at 1812 Western Ave., will provide enough space, privacy and security to continue fulfilling the mission of Mattoon Area PADS.  The facility will have separate sleeping areas for men, women and families. It will provide extra privacy and most importantly security. Our volunteers and staff will have a large kitchen, pantry and dinning area to serve our guests.  Office space will provide the executive director and case manager with more private working environment.            

Sleeping Area

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