Support Mr. Stevenson

by Amir Irani

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I’m a founding board member of LightHouse DC. As many of you know, LightHouse helps individuals and families transitioning from homelessness in our community move and furnish their new homes. LightHouse is the only nonprofit in the DC metro area that consistently offers these critical services. We believe an unfurnished living room, empty bedroom, or bare kitchen are more like a shelter than a home. Since LightHouse’s founding in 2017, we have created homes for over 800 neighbors.


Please join me to support LightHouse’s mission and help more neighbors like Mr. Stevenson:


Mr. Stevenson home received major fire damage and he is currently displaced. While Mr. Stevenson has insurance, he has learned that he does not have enough to cover much of the repairs to his home, and so he is seeking assistance with some basic needs given much of his income will likely need to go to some of the repairs for the home for the foreseeable future.  Mr. Stevenson also has health issues which are impacting his recovery and require additional financial commitments on his part. LightHouse’s services will help Mr. Stevenson create a new home!

- Amir

Our online fundraising platform is a community where you can rally your family and friends to join you in your goal to create more homes for DC residents.

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