Birthday (41st) Fundraiser

by Brian Hart

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I am excited to share that LightHouse reached a major milestone: 1,000 households served! That means children who now have beds. That means families who now have a table and chairs. It means 1,000 families or individuals who have been able to move into and furnish their homes. And we may ask, how do you fully measure what that means to those families?

By the end of our first year in 2017, LightHouse served 69 DC residents. Fast forward to today, and we are on track to create over 550 homes in 2021!


Thanks to grassroots supporters like you, LightHouse has been able to grow the work that we started. People like you making one donation at a time, even during the hardest of times, have made this work possible. We are so incredibly grateful for your generosity.


But we are far from finished! It’s clear that education, job training, public safety, and many public goods are also related to economic security. And what is a basic foundation of economic security? A stable place to call home.  


A stable home is a foundation for life. Yet a critical gap exists for so many in moving into and furnishing their homes. LightHouse specializes in transportation, logistics, and furnishing, with a human touch. We partner with fellow nonprofits and local government to ensure every child and person has a stable home.


Finally, on a brief personal note, my birthday is Monday. Any donation you can make to LightHouse and those we serve would be greatly appreciated. Certainly, it would make for a special birthday. Thanks in advance for your kindness.





PS: If you’d like to donate my birthday age, I’ll be turning 41!

Our online fundraising platform is a community where you can rally your family and friends to join you in your goal to create more homes for DC residents.

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