Rachel & Caleb's Campaign of Caring

by Caleb Davis

Supporting: Campaign of Caring for Missing Man Ministry

My Team: Caleb & Rachel Davis



I am so grateful that it's here!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!

Rachel, the girls, and I have partnered with Missing Man Ministry, a 100% volunteer & donation run nonprofit that helps support widows & their children, right here in our community. 

During one of the most vulnerable times of their lives, these courageous women will reach out for help to our growing community of donors and volunteers who are here to walk alongside them as they grieve. We help them financially, in business, and overall household and life organization.

Just recently, we heard of 2 widows with 4 children between them distance learning on 1 shared phone and 1 tablet because their school district ran out of computers! Because of you, our donors, we were able to provide new computers for them to use for school. It was like Christmas!

Due to COVID19, we canceled our primary fundraising in-person event. After a bit of brainstorming, we pivoted and officially launched our online Campaign of Caring Fundraiser.

I want to invite you to join Rachel and I in supporting M3's Campaign Of Caring.

Thank you for making a positive impact alongside us!

Happy Thanksgiving Month and thank you for caring!

The Davis Family

My M3 'Why'

From Erin

In 2009, I lost my boyfriend of 10 years, suddenly, to a “massive pulmonary embolism”. I was 36 years old with a 12 year old daughter. I had my own career and with a relocation, some cutbacks and sacrifices was able to support us, but there were some things which needed resolve that I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about. It would have been much easier to navigate those issues, while also navigating the grieving process, had there been an organization like Missing Man Ministry in my area. The loss of a partner is incredibly hard. The loss of a partner who was also the main provider is devastating to many women and children. Over the past 11 years, I have met a number of women who were carrying very heavy loads after their loss and I wished there was an easy way to help them. When I learned of M3, I felt like my wish had been granted and I knew I wanted to be involved.

Asking for help is very hard for most people. It’s especially hard in times of great loss. On behalf of the women and children who are just trying to get through each day, I ask for your help. Your support allows us to lift some weight off of them. Being able to take a deep breath is what gives them the ability to keep moving forward in their healing process.

If you want to support us by check, please mail to our P.O. Box address, as noted.