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Hello there... I personally have experienced Mental Health issues and in my family.  I have come to realize how very real, important and necessary it is to have support, a safe place to talk and an understanding that Your not ALONE!! I just want to support.  In any way i can.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hope to communities. We want to see family stability, health access, and positive community change. Thus, we strive to provide solution focused social support and resources with excellence in quality, service and access.
Regardless of their story, Helen's Project is dedicated to eliminating barriers to stability. We are here to work collaboratively through a variation of services to remove barriers to long term stability.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide stability and solution-focused social support to individuals and families.  At Helen's Project, we understand that individuals and communities go through life-altering phases like negative health diagnoses, unemployment, divorce, and incarceration of family members. For those in immediate need, we provide resources such as mental health counseling, transportation, ex-offender work programs, and food assistance. We want individuals to realize and act on their potential. This potential can only be realized in a stable home and work environment.

Your Impact

$1000 = Security Deposit for permanent Housing

$350 = 1 week hotel stay for a family in crisis

$100 = Admin fee for permanent Housing

$50 = Application fee for permanent Housing

$10 = Fuel expenses for clients to find stable employment

How would you like to support?