Black Power 96 Radio Fundraiser

by Renota Jenkins




Campaign has ended


In this season of giving, please help me raise $100 for Black Power 96 Radio to contribute to the station’s overall goal of raising $3,000 to keep the station going strong.

This station is so important because it gives our black working class community a voice at a time when our stories and perspectives are excluded from mainstream and even so-called alternative media.

Black Power 96 is explaining the world AND changing it by providing this platform to amplify our own stories and by offering training and experience in radio production. 

Black Power 96 is funded by our community so please make a tax-deductible contribution today and spread the word!

Keep Black Power 96 Radio Going Strong into the New Year!

Now through December 31st, 2020, Black Power 96.3 FM Community Radio in St. Petersburg, FL has a goal to raise $3,000 to keep the station going strong.

We are 100% funded by our listeners and people who know the importance of independent black community media, so please donate or become a fundraiser today!

If you have never tuned in before, we invite you to listen at 96.3 FM in St. Pete or via our online stream at or on our free mobile app for Apple and Android.

If you are already a listener, donor, volunteer or other supporter, thank you for being part of the Black Power 96 Radio community. This is your station!

Black Power 96 Radio is a project of the 501c3 non-profit, the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF). Our station's mission is to defend the human and civil rights of the African community through our educational and cultural programming. Our programming also addresses the grave disparities in education, health and economic development faced by the African community.

Our core values include:

Support for the right to freedom of speech and the right to political association without fear of political imprisonment and loss of life, limb or livelihood.

Raising the consciousness of African people through talk shows, news, music, health & wellness and other cultures to facilitate the unification of African people as one people worldwide in the process of liberating Africa.

We are committed to developing self-reliant, community-controlled media capacity in the hands of the African working class.

How would you like to support?