Help Me Reach Our Team Goal!

by Lilly Weston

Supporting: Kids & Teens with Diabetes Spotlight for Dancing for Diabetes

My name is Lilly I'm 11 years old. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old. I won't let diabetes stop me from being me and flying to new hights like tinker bell. 

I have battled high and low blood sugars. I have to watch what I eat and make sure I give myself insulin before I eat my snacks or dinner. 

My mom tests me every night at 10 and again at 2:00am sometimes more if I'm low.

you can't get diabetes from me it's not contagious!!!!!

I want to be a endocrinologist or a diabetes educatior  when I grow up to find a cure for me and others like me.


"Kids & Teens with Diabetes" is a program which offers an opportunity for children and teens living with Type 1 Diabetes to build lasting friendships, gain dance experience, and let loose in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment. Members of the program participate in a series of free dance classes each Fall that conclude with a performance in our live annual show, "Dancing for Diabetes."

You can support this year's program by making a general donation below or through "sponsoring" one or more of our participants above. We hope you will then join us all on Saturday, December 9 at the Bob Carr Theater in Orlando for the 17th Annual Dancing for Diabetes showcase as we cheer on these inspiring Type 1 Warriors! Tickets are available at 

Dancing for Diabetes spreads awareness through the art of dance to better educate the community, raise funds to find a cure and inspire those with diabetes to live healthy and active lives. Learn more at

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