Help Rescue Families by Giving $1

by Beverly O'Keeffe

Supporting: Give a Dollar to Buy a Truck that Saves Families. for The Charis Project


Campaign has ended.


I'm raising money to help The Charis Project buy another truck so their teams can save more families. With more trucks they can do more to rescue families in crisis and protect children from abuse, abandonment and trafficking.

The Charis Project has 3 vital life saving family support programs and only 1 truck to service all of those programs.

Help us get them 2 more reliable vehicles so that each team can go out everyday to support the huge number of migrant families in crisis on the Thai/Myanmar border right now.

The Charis Project strengthens desperate and hurting families, so they can be strong enough to protect their children and raise them to be strong and healthy adults.

They bring families:

Be a hero. Become a family rescuer.

Give just $1 to give the rescuers a truck. Click the "Invite Friends to Give" button below to make your own fundraiser to invite at least 30 friends to give a dollar too. (More than a dollar is ok also. :D)

How would you like to support?