Katie's 2021 Flyathlon Fundraiser

by Katie Burgert

Supporting: 7th Annual Middle Creek Flyathlon Fundraiser for Running Rivers


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This will be my 6th year competing in the Flyathlon, and after a year of "virtual" Flyathlon-ing, I'm so excited to get together in person with some incredible people to hit the trail and catch fish.

As always, a quick overview for those who aren't familiar with the concept: think of a Flyathlon as a triathlon that's way more fun. Instead of running, biking, and swimming, we trail run, catch fish, and drink beer. While beer drinking is done more as an event-long activity than an actual race event, the running and fishing are part of the race. Catch a fish before you cross the finish line, or you'll face a time penalty. Catch a behemoth, and you'll shave some time off.

However, while this is truly one of my favorite weekends every year, the main purpose of the race is to raise money for native trout conservation. Here in Colorado, our favorite native fish is the cutthroat trout. These fish have faced obstacles in the form of nonnative species and habitat loss, among others, and need all the help they can get. 

If you have even a few extra dollars, please consider donating to this wonderful event, which funds trout conservation, angler access, and community education centered around the cutthroat trout!

Event Fundraising Goal: $25,000 Campaign 

Tax ID: 81-1625829 

At Running Rivers, we are a 100% volunteer 501c3 organization which firmly believes that the best way to ensure the preservation, protection, and maintenance of our irreplaceable public lands and waters is to develop and foster the stewards who will stand up in their defense. Our programs create unique opportunities for people to experience public lands and waters in novel and fun ways, to expand their depth of understanding of the importance of healthy functioning freshwater ecosystems, and to invest in their time, money, and sweat through on-the-ground stewardship projects. The Middle Creek Flyathlon is a unique, conservation-minded race event that integrates three of the West's greatest activities; trail running, fly-fishing, and craft beer.

Most importantly, the 7th Annual Middle Creek Flyathlon is a fundraising event for coldwater conservation projects, with a focus on native trout. Since 2014, our Flyathlon events have raised more than $250,000 for native trout related projects completed through our diverse conservation partners, including Colorado Trout Unlimited, the Western Native Trout Initiative, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.  

Importantly, all of this incredible conservation impact has come through individual donations from the friends, family, and colleagues of our amazing Flyathletes.  From amazing folks like you.  

These are just a couple of the projects that have been taken on with funds raised during past Flyathlon events: 

  • We partnered with the National Park Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and several other agencies to complete Stage 1 of the reclamation of the Sand Creek watershed in Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve for the Rio Grande cutthroat trout. 
  • We partnered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to characterize the health of the Rio Grande cutthroat trout populations in high mountain lakes around the San Luis Valley. Many of these lakes have not been evaluated a decade or more. 
  • Past Flyathletes and other volunteers planted willows and sedges to stabilize the banks of a newly restored reach of Jim Creek, a small creek that holds a conservation population of the Rio Grande cutthroat trout, a species of special concern in Colorado.

To explore projects that have been completed with Flyathlon funds over the past 5 years, please visit:

Now is a critical time to invest in the preservation of our public lands and waters. Because Running Rivers is a recognized 501c3 organization, your donations are tax deductible.

To make a donation, please click the "Make a Donation" button above.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

run. fish. beer. donate! 

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