Two's for Rett

by Deana Cavan

Supporting: Help us Fly! for Rett's Roost

My Team: 2019 Superhero 5K Fundraisers



Do you love Rett? Has he sent you signs from the other side and you just feel like he's around you, spreading love to your family? We know many people that still feel his presence. One of the hardest things about losing a child is that you fear that people will forget them. We have been so lucky to hear stories from so many kind people about how he hasn't been forgotten. I love believing that he is a powerful force of nature now. And so I'm starting this 2 campaign in honor of his angel day, 2/22. By this year's Superhero 5K on 9/22, I'd like to have raised $2222 for Rett's Roost. It's enough to provide a travel scholarship to a family of four to come to one of our retreats from anywhere in North America. If you are thinking of donating and like the idea that Rett's spirit appreciates 2's, please donate $2, $22, or $222.

Do you like to help non-profits raise money? If so, you are one of a kind. It's quite simple to create and share your own website here, describing the reasons why you love Rett's Roost and want to help us succeed. Add a picture of yourself or of Rett or another child you know of with cancer. We can also provide our logo if needed. Email rettsroost@gmail.com if you have any questions about how to proceed. Thank you so much!!

Register to run here: https://runsignup.com/Race/NH/NorthHampton/rettsroostsuperhero5k

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