Phantom Regiment Color Guard Alumni

by Jennifer Duenke

Supporting: Fueled by Phans 2021 for Phantom Regiment

Hey Regiment Phantomettes, Raiders and Ladies!  Let's feed these kids!  We know how hard this last year has been and how EXCITED these kids are to be back doing what they LOVE (and what we love too).  Let's show them how much we love that they are back to business and that we are behind them every step of the way.  WE WERE. WE ARE. WE CONTINUE TO BE.  SUTA! 

Did you know that Phantom Regiment spends over $100,000 providing healthy meals for its members every year?

Fueled by Phans is your opportunity to play an active part in supporting the members of the 2021 Phantom Regiment. Help ensure that each member’s life-changing performing arts experience includes healthy, nutritious meals by sponsoring snack, lunch, or even an entire day’s worth of food for the corps!

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