New Mexico Land Conservancy

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Our mission: "To preserve New Mexico's land heritage by helping people conserve the places they love." Working to help preserve the land, water, wildlife, working lands and scenic open space that make our state unique and special in so many ways!

Helping People Conserve the Lands they Love!
New Mexico Land Conservancy (NMLC) is an accredited, nonprofit land trust working on your behalf to conserve land and protect our state's unique beauty, precious natural resources and our richly diverse, cultural land heritage.
The benefits of land conservation go far beyond spectacular scenery. Our land supports water quality and quantity (especially critical to New Mexico's future); protects farming and ranching as a way of life to feed our local communities; provides essential habitat and migratory corridors for wildlife; even mitigates pollution and sequesters carbon!
As your only statewide land trust, NMLC is dedicated to making a difference where it counts -- on the ground! Last year, we helped conserve more than 70,000 acres of land in New Mexico -- much of it in southern New Mexico -- bringing our total acres conserved to more than 300,000 so far.
We're also very proud of the role NMLC and our Southern New Mexico Conservation Project Manager, Ron Troy, have played in numerous Trails and Open Space efforts in Silver City and Grant County, culminating in the creation of the Gila Trails and Open Space Coalition. In the past three years, we've been instrumental in several trail acquisitions and secured more than $120,000 of cash and value in grants and services.
Land conservation is important for everyone -- whether or not you own the land. Growth and development are accelerating in the Southwest. The future of New Mexico depends on the actions we, as a state, take today. NMLC relies on support from folks like you, who love this land, to help us continue our work, which is now more relevant than ever. Join us!