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by Colores United  

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We at Colores United live by the saying, “Either you accept things how they are, or you change them”. Year after year our community is inundated with negative media pieces and conversation about how “poor” we are. This stigma of our town has been around for decades. Even our parents' parents discussed this around the dinner tables. Our children grow up reading and hearing these claims – and believe them. It poisons their feelings about their home town. People distribute these articles and debate why we are “poor”. Neighbors argue and polarize over the questions “Are we? Aren’t we?” and whose responsibility it is. The responsibility belongs to all of us. We have the power to put changes in place to make our community a better place for each other, our children and our children’s children. We are responsible.

Colores United was formed over intense conversation amongst friends about the validity of “being the poorest city in New Mexico”. There are those that choose to believe and live it, and there are those that choose to change it – we are those who choose to make changes. There are many positive programs within our town, county, and state that are making tremendous strides. Adding Colores United to ongoing positive efforts will only increase the strength of our community.

We have already touched on what drives us. What about our mission?

Colores United will evolve into what it needs to be based on the current need, be it hosting brainstorming sessions, launching public improvement projects, or supporting our neighboring communities through activism, culture and networking.

We will fund-raise for our community and distribute to different efforts that support in making our community a better place to live and visit. We will encourage those in our community to make changes that better our community through initiatives and special projects driven from within our community. We will make our entire community - especially our children.