Help me impact children with education!

by David Parry

Supporting: Help Expand our Library and Training Center for Impact One Initiative, Inc.



Join me in raising money to expand a Library and Training Center in Lusaka, Zambia. This Center gives children and their teachers access to life-changing educational opportunities. Every donation will help Impact One impact more lives!

I am a church leader in Wales (in the UK) and will be running 2 half-marathons through our beautiful mountains to help.

In 2018, we opened a Library and Training Center to give students and teachers from our partner schools and the community around us access to incredible learning opportunities. Every week, students come through our doors to read books, participate in fun activities, and learn new things. Their teachers also come for training and to borrow educational resources to use in their classrooms. Our Center has been impacting the lives of 3,000 children at different schools and we're ready to impact even more!

This year, we're inviting more schools to join our program, and we need space for all of their students!

We've already laid the foundation for our expanded Library and Training Center, but we need your help to complete the project. In the next stage, we'll be building the walls and putting on a roof, which will cost $20,000. Then it's time to put the finishing touches on by installing electricity, painting and furnishing the Center, and creating an inviting outdoor space for all our visitors, which is another $15,000. All together, the budget for this expanded Center is $35,000. Our goal is to have the roof on before the rains begin in late November, but we can't do it without you!

Will you help us give more children access to a life-changing education?

Give now to expand our Center!

Take a look at the video below to see our Center in action.

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