Mia's Maniacs

by Michaela Freund

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Oh sweet little Mia Moo was born with Spina Bifida. We found out at our 20 week appointment that her spinal column didn't fully form.  We heard everything from she may never walk,  she may never be able to feed herself or function by herself, she may never be able to use the bathroom on her own. We also heard she may not make it. Those are words no one imagines hearing about their amazingly loved child. After multiple meetings with specialists and with our Priest we kept hearing great news.  At 34 weeks Mia came into this world and blessed us. Immediately taken to NICU as we were all unclear what to expect and how to care for her right away. She was perfect! The strongest little baby that you could imagine. She was even discharged before Mom was in the hospital. From day one she has shown strength. At a month old she had surgery to untether her spinal cord and reconstruct her spinal column. After some hiccups with recovery she came out stronger and better than ever. We did a year of physical therapy, numerous appointments with numerous doctors. Being an advocate and a fighter when we didn't agree with them on what was best for her. Fighting to show that she is not like anyone else and no 2 people are the same with this disability. She struggled for years having accidents and we tried medications to help, she ultimately had the side effects and we took her off of them. Summer going into 1st grade we started a huge life change of intermittent cathing to help empty her bladder. As a mom I was so sad and brought to tears this was the appropriate step for her. But I will never forget having the talk with Mia in the car and explaining what was going to happen, she replied with "Thank God, now I won't have to go the bathroom every 5 minutes. " From that moment on we knew it was the absolute best thing for her. Before this change she wasn't able to play, and enjoy life to the fullest. The biggest change that was pointed out by dad was being able to have tickle fights without her having an accident.  Her quality of life has increased immensely! She has shown us true strength and positivity. She has grown even more this past year and learned to do this all on her own. Independence is in her pocket and nothing is holding her back. We are so thankful for this perfectly amazing little love who has taught us so much. We would lie if we wished this never happened to her but our biggest wish is to find a way for noone else to ever have to deal with the fights of this! As lucky as we are not everyone is. As for that we will always bring awareness and help as much as we can! 

Mia you have a fighters heart and we all love you so much! ❤ 

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