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by Amy Bodine




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Consider donating to help this organization continue saving horses.

Equestrian Spirits, Inc., a Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Charity, is a full lifetime (no-kill) Holistic Forever Home Animal Sanctuary.

Although the majority of our animals are horses we also honor cats, dogs, rabbits, various livestock, fowl and wildlife, within our capabilities. Specializing in individualized care, our unique programs offer opportunities for these animals to redefine their lives.

Whether sharing their stories, playing with friends, eating good food or reveling in a nice massage, all residents live out their lives in peace at our farm.

Founded in 2010, after an unusual search, we settled onto our permanent facility the summer of 2017. Every animal moved in safely to begin the "rest of their lives".

Then in 2019 we experienced a series of malicious tragedies.

For nearly 5 months we fell prey to the inexplicable horrors

of human attacks on the horses.

Of our 38 horses there were 28 attacks on 14 different horses; one dead, 3 crippled for life;

others bare the scars of their ordeals.

This situation has left us in financial duress.

We have been working to get our farm back to full operational capacity but time is running out. Medical costs were astronomical, property damage extensive. Due to extreme financial hardship caused by these incidents and interrelated attacks, the animals are now in danger of losing their home, forever. 


Your contributions will help us Save The Animals in the following: 

Feeds and Hay

Medications and Medical Equipment

Veterinarian Bills (we have many horses who now need long term veterinarian care)

Farrier Fees and Support Modalities

Supplements and Supplies

Tools for ongoing farm improvement and repairs

And so much more!!!

'Save The Animals' Campaign was inspired by The Carl Jensen Memorial Farm Fund. Instated in 2017 by Carl's beloved wife, Ellie, the fund made our current home possible. A profound racer and vintage racing event official for Road America, Carl passed unexpectedly early winter of 2017.

Learn more about the Carl Jensen Memorial Farm Fund here. 

Trigger Warning - some of the photos in the gallery section at the bottom of the campaign landing page contain graphic images.

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