Bring Aaron's Presents to West Middle School

by Charlee and Michaela Annarelli




Campaign has ended


We, Charlee and Micheala Annarelli, were introduced to Aaron’s Presents as 3rd graders at Sanborn Elementary School. We initially signed up to meet with Founder & Executive Director Leah Okimoto during our lunch periods because we thought it would be more fun than going out to indoor recess after we ate. As we started getting more involved, we realized that Aaron’s Presents was about more than just having fun. At our drop-in meetings with Leah, we would gather with friends and come up with ideas for community service projects. Leah would step back and listen to our crazy project ideas and help us bring our project ideas to life.

The goal of the projects was always to give back. Some of the projects that we created helped families of NICU patients, we organized activities for children living at the Lazarus House, and we made welcome packages for children that were moving into a shelter. Aaron's Presents has helped us see the community differently. It has shown us that our community is bigger than the town we live in and that just a little effort can significantly change the lives of someone else. 

Since graduating from elementary school, we have not had the option to work with Leah and Aaron's Presents in a school setting because Aaron's Presents is not in partnership with our school. Over the past few months, we have been working with Leah and our school principals to find a way to get Aaron’s Presents into West Middle School. However, to do so, we will need to raise some funds to support an additional Aaron's Presents Mentor to work alongside Leah and to fund the projects for about 60-80 West Middle School students that we expect to participate.

Our goal is to try to raise as close to $10,000 in the next two weeks! Please help us bring Aaron’s Presents into our school and more projects into our community. Thank you for your support and for spreading Aaron’s Presents to more kids!


Charlee and Michaela Annarelli


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