New Life Movement, Richmond CA

by Teresa Bolla




Campaign has ended


Please consider donating to the NEW LIFE MOVEMENT in Richmond CA. An absolutely wonderful youth and family support program to help our brothers and sisters in need. Many historically marginalized people living below the federal poverty line are in dire need of your help. This program focuses on mentoring young people and their families.  Their conflict resolution program focuses on de-escalating and redirecting anger, negative behavior, and instead promotes training for youth and families to help people learn to cope with a myriad of personal struggles. Please consider helping by donating to this wonderful program! 

We pride ourselves in everything we’ve been able to accomplish with the support from our local communities. With your support we will be able to build out and staff our new youth programs, provide tutoring and vocational training, and stock our STEM Lab.

Your donation will allow us to gather the resources needed to effect widespread, sustainable, positive change for vulnerable youth in our community. Donate today and follow up on Social Media to see what we have in store for 2022!

How would you like to support?