Monica Jimenez #Running for a Cause#

by Monica Jimenez

Supporting: RUN FOR LATINOS 2022 for Latinos Progresando




I am very happy to share that I will be participating in the Chicago 2022 Marathon running for Latinos Progresando! An organization that actively serves the Chicago community by focusing on Family, Community, and Progress.  When I came to the United States at the age of 14, organizations like this helped my family and I navigate the new world around us.  Thus, it really means a lot to me to be able to raise funds for such a wonderful organization that helps individuals and families to build secure, healthy, and productive lives -  and whose mission and vision continues to be shaped and led by people in the community.


This would be my first time participating in the Chicago Marathon and I cannot wait to start training for it.  I love running and what it has done for me. I got the “running bug” around 2017 when I started cheering for people during races and I was captivated by the perseverance, commitment, camaraderie, and grit – next thing I knew I was signing up for 5Ks and then running my first marathon ever (NYC)!!! For me, running has been there when I have needed it the most: when I wanted clarity and peace, when I needed to feel powerful, when I felt anxious, when I needed to get into the right headspace – and it keeps helping me reminding me that I am capable, strong, and resilient.  


I hope you make a donation to my fundraising as this would help Latinos Progresando keep making a difference.


Thank you!

Monica Jimenez 


Latinos Progresando is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization specializing in the issues of immigration legal services, community health, education, and peace. As an extension of this work, LP leads the Marshall Square Resource Network, a 45-partner collaborative on Chicago’s southwest side that builds the capacity of member agencies and advances integrated solutions.

LP’s mission is to deliver high quality information and resources for people to build secure, healthy and productive lives.  The organization was built from the ground up, and even after 20 years, LP’s vision continues to be shaped and led by people in our community.

Follow us and engage with us on social media @latinospro to learn more about the work we do. Share our content so that it gets into the hands of people that need it most.

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