Team Latinx Success

by Rafael Brizuela

Supporting: RUN FOR LATINOS 2022 for Latinos Progresando



I am running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon again this year. I am running as a part of the organization Latinos Progresando. Running a marathon had been a goal of mine after discovering how much I enjoyed to run. I started running as a way to get in better shape and as a way to help me quit smoking, back when I was a smoker. Needless to say, I didn't quit smoking, at least not until years later. What I did do however, is fall in love with running. It gave me a powerful tool, which was the realization of how strong my drive is. Running has taught me the meaning of determination. It has given me the feeling of passion and pride. I am so thankful for the power that I've gained through running. So when I fell in love with running, I knew I had to one day challenge myself to run a marathon. Last year I accomplished that goal. I am so proud and thankful to have been able to experience such an incredible milestone.This moment is especially special to me because I did something I loved, accomplishing something I dreamed of while supporting a cause I care about deeply. I ran this marathon representing an incredible nonprofit organization, Latinos progresando. Thanks to this organization I was able to do something special in my life, and that is what this organization does. They are truly doing wonderful things helping to create a place that allows the Latinx community and youth to have access to resources and opportunities here on the southwest side of Chicago, which most of us from the Latinx community are aware, we don't have many places like this. Latinos Progresando provides access to a better education system and opens doors to many Latinx youth to the education they deserve. Along education services, they provide legal services specializing in immigration, and community health. As a way for me to continue to support the success of our beautiful Latinx community this is small part that I can contribute. 

Latinos Progresando is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization specializing in the issues of immigration legal services, community health, education, and peace. As an extension of this work, LP leads the Marshall Square Resource Network, a 45-partner collaborative on Chicago’s southwest side that builds the capacity of member agencies and advances integrated solutions.

LP’s mission is to deliver high quality information and resources for people to build secure, healthy and productive lives.  The organization was built from the ground up, and even after 20 years, LP’s vision continues to be shaped and led by people in our community.

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