My "Marathon" Fundraiser (in memory of steven brion-meisels)


Supporting: 2021 Education for Liberation Donor Campaign for Education for Liberation Network


Campaign has ended.


Dear Friends & Family,

As the world around us continues to spin in all sorts of crazy directions -- and we continue to find small moments of beauty and collective power within it -- I am always reminded of my father’s determination to work for a better world. While I don't think he would have loved the shift to Zoom-life, I imagine he would have continued to write letters, make phone calls, and work in community with others. I think he would have appreciated the opportunity to slow down, to spend more careful time with folx, and to watch the world build its capacity for mutual aid in new ways. Most importantly, he would have kept on working for justice -- an act that is both simple and sometimes quite hard. And in honor of him, I am continuing my own “marathon tradition" and fundraising for the Education for Liberation Network, an organization whose heart, soul and actions reflect so much of my Dad’s essence.

This year, my fundraiser feels particularly tender, because my friend and mentor, Thomas Nikundiwe, passed away in July. Thomas guided the Education for Liberation Network with love and care for many years, and losing his physical presence on earth has been deeply painful for all of us. I like to think that Thomas and my Dad are somewhere together, telepathing strongly-worded letters to world leaders or breathing hope into various community events with their gentle winds. And so this year, this fundraiser, feels particularly close to my heart.

Thank you for your participation. Whatever you can give - big or small - makes a difference. And thank you for all of the ways that you bring love into the world.

With a hug,

Gretchen (and family)

EdLib is a national network founded and primarily facilitated by folks of color, that focuses on liberatory education by connecting a spectrum of members through the honest love and work of communities. We are an empowering and welcoming community that both inspires people and helps them learn and grow in ways that support a more just society. EdLib is a sustaining network that provides opportunity and resources to increase and connect collective efforts toward building local power. Ergo, the network shifts the national conversation to one in which community organizing and collaboration are fundamental to education.

Please support the 2021 Education for Liberation Donor Campaign and the radical and liberatory work we are doing to transform our schools, communities, and the ways we are in relationship to and with each other. As a small token and gift for your support, please choose one of these fabulous book options below based on your giving comfortability. If you would rather not receive one of our gifts, just click the "Donate Now" button and move forward from there.

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