Jeff Kish

Supporting: Youth Crew Heroes for Pacific Northwest Trail Association

My Team: Inclusive Trail Stewardship Opportunities


Campaign has ended.


The Pacific Northwest Trail has had a profound impact on my life. I fell in love with the trail during a PNT thru-hike in 2014, and not a day has gone by in the time since that I haven't reflected on what that experience has meant to me.

From the peace I found out beyond the reach of modern intrusions, to the simplicity I learned through living for weeks at a time with nothing more than I could carry on my back, to the sense of accomplishment I felt after thriving in such a rugged environment and accomplishing something difficult, very few things in my life have been as transformative.

I've chosen to fundraise in support of the PNTA's Inclusive model of trail stewardship because I've witnessed firsthand that life on a PNTA trail crew conveys many of the same benefits I experienced out on the trail, and can be equally transformative —if not more so. 

I recognize that having the free time and the means to experience the trail in the way that I did is a privilege that is not afforded to everyone. Likewise, trail stewardship that relies on volunteer or stipend-based models can put participation and access to the wonders of our public lands out of reach to many.

By paying a living wage to all program participants, providing all field based meals and transportation to job sites, and maintaining a gear library so that all crew members are properly equipped to thrive in the backcountry —regardless of their resources at home— the PNTA Performance Trail Crew model is designed to make incredible experiences on the trail accessible to all who seek them. 

Can I count on your support to make these programs accessible to more participants than ever before?