Aya Tsuruta

Supporting: Youth Crew Heroes for Pacific Northwest Trail Association

My Team: Life-Changing Service Experiences



The Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA) is a modest and mighty organization. With just five full-time staff, this talented team manages the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT), a national scenic trail that runs 1,200 miles from Glacier National Park in Montana to the Washington Coast. Each year they meet with local legislators, tribes, and landowners regarding land designations, keep hikers up to date with the latest information and maps of the trail, lead volunteer opportunities, help advance policies to protect the PNT and other national trails, and manage youth crews to develop and maintain the trail on the ground. 

Their youth crew program is critical to protecting and maintaining the PNT and providing access to some truly incredible outdoor recreation opportunities. It opens doors for young leaders to explore careers in natural resource management and outdoor recreation, and provides an experience that for many is life-changing. (Many of you know that I've personally had the privilege of leading a field crew down in Utah, which has been one of the most formative experiences of my life). The program gives and it gives in so many ways. And I can assure you that your donation will go a long way - dare I say more than 1,200 miles! 

Thanks for joining me in this effort to support the PNTA and their youth crew program. And please reach out if you are curious to learn more about their great work, or my personal experience leading a field crew!

With Gratitude, 


For fun, here's a photo of me, happy as a clam, during my field crew days, and to the right of it, a snapshot of what some trail work looked like down in Utah.