Eric Wollborg

Supporting: Youth Crew Heroes for Pacific Northwest Trail Association

My Team: Professional Results in Tough Locations


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During the summer of 2016, I spent two unforgettable months walking from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean on the Pacific Northwest Trail. The experience changed my life, as it has for countless others.

My journey helped me to develop a deep appreciation for trails and the unsung heroes that hear the call to protect them. 

The year I hiked the PNT, the Bogachiel and Pasayten Wilderness trail segments had been impacted by wildfires and washouts, and were in really rough shape. I spent countless hours fighting through thick brush and climbing over downed trees on my westward journey.

This summer, five years later, I returned to the Bogachiel Trail to find it almost completely transformed. Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our trail community, PNTA was able to commit one of our seven Performance Trail Crews to the “Bogie” for an entire season, and it made all the difference to our trail community. 

By providing our youth crew heroes with the resources they needed to thrive, they were able to restore the 20-mile segment after it remained inaccessible to equestrians and all but the most determined hikers for many years. 

While many organizations work on the Pacific Northwest Trail, PNTA’s own Performance Trail Crews shoulder responsibility for maintaining connectivity across the entire trail corridor. To get the job done, they’re prepared to work in the most remote Wilderness areas and take on some of the most challenging and time- consuming tasks needed to protect the PNT.

If you value and support professional grade results from PNTA trail stewardship programs, please consider making a gift to the Youth Crew Heroes campaign today.