Be a Blessing

by Valerie Elizabeth

Supporting: End of the Year Campaign for Future Leaders Inspired


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Hello There

It's almost my birthday. So I'm asking my friends, family and supporters to help me celebrate by making a donation to my non profit organization. I'm sure some of you have been wondering what I'm doing in Ghana. Well I provide leadership training using the Arts Culture and Technology, I feed over 60 children and 10 families monthly, I provide basic supplies and educational scholarships. With the help of my team we want to provide a birthday blessing for the holidays. No gift is too big or too small.

So my birthday wish this year is for you all to make a donation!  Your donation will bless me to be able to bless the children and their families in the Anlo Village in Elmina Ghana. Also you can check out what we do at Get involved Africa is waiting. 

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Here at Future Leaders Inspired, we see the value in empowering youth. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginning in 2010, we’ve been driven by the same ideas initially founded by the organization: empowering youth through leadership training using the Arts Culture and Technology.

Our mission is to empower youth through leadership training using the Arts Culture and Technology throughout West Africa starting in Ghana. In doing so we will ultimately assist in providing economic sustainability in the communities we serve, reduce youth frustration and give purpose and meaning to those who may have felt hopeless.

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