Mental Health Matters

by Jennie McCarney

Supporting: #100MileNovember for Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression


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The reason I am embracing the 100 Mile November Challenge head on this year is because I am currently struggling with mental health issues. I have paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks and deep bouts of depression. The paranoia is new in light of some traumatic events that happened earlier this year, but it has slowly become a deep thread in everything I do. I'm always looking over my shoulder and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Both traumatic incidents that I experienced were when I was in my most calm state. When that calm was broken by these startling events, it triggered in me a fear of calm. My mind's new belief: If all is calm, the trauma is coming. 

Mental Health Strugglers may seem to deal in the irrational. To those who haven’t dealt with these same struggles, it may seem like we're not living in reality or that we’re choosing fear.  Luckily, because of organizations like AAAD, we don't have to feel alone and oftentimes we even get the chance to feel understood.  I love the work that they are doing to help keep the conversation open. With our fast paced lives and all the upsetting news stories, we're inundated and we ALL can get overwhelmed. Everyone deals with it differently and when someone needs help, they should have a place to go, to get that help. The work that AAAD is doing is SO important. 

The narrative is shifting and I think examples like Simone Biles will help people to be more understanding of the mental toll life can take. Especially, when you've got the eyes of the world on you. Still, we cannot shame those who have no audience to their struggle. All struggles are real to each person and should be respected by everyone else. Let's keep talking and listening as we get moving to raise some awareness and money for this great cause! Let's Go! 

Join the Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression Foundation for the 5th Annual #100MileNovember Challenge! Join the challenge to walk, jog, crawl, bike, swim or anything you want to do to achieve 100 Miles to raise funds and awareness for Mental Health.

AAAD provides resources like Free Therapy for those suffering from a Mental Health Issue and you can help with AAAD's mission. This year we are providing a Peer-to-Peer fundraising opportunity to allow individuals to challenge their community to get involved and help raise $10,000 for Mental Health Resources!

Get involved, get moving and participate on Social Media by using the #100MileNovember! You can contact us with any questions at [email protected] and can find all info regarding AAAD at as well!

We appreciate everyone for getting involved and for helping us #BeTheChange for #MentalHealth

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