Running toward good feelings!

by Hannah Epstein

Supporting: #100MileNovember for Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression


Campaign has ended.


Running is always the best medicine for my own down days and stress.... Nothing gets the endorphins going and colors your view of the day like fresh air, time without electronics, and your sneakers hitting the ground mile after mile. I'm going to run 100 miles this month to raise awareness for those who struggle with serious anxiety and depression. I appreciate any support you can give! Thank you! 

Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression provides resources like free therapy for those suffering from mental health issues. This year AAAD is striving to raise $10,000 for mental health resources. 

Join the Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression Foundation for the 5th Annual #100MileNovember Challenge! Join the challenge to walk, jog, crawl, bike, swim or anything you want to do to achieve 100 Miles to raise funds and awareness for Mental Health.

AAAD provides resources like Free Therapy for those suffering from a Mental Health Issue and you can help with AAAD's mission. This year we are providing a Peer-to-Peer fundraising opportunity to allow individuals to challenge their community to get involved and help raise $10,000 for Mental Health Resources!

Get involved, get moving and participate on Social Media by using the #100MileNovember! You can contact us with any questions at [email protected] and can find all info regarding AAAD at as well!

We appreciate everyone for getting involved and for helping us #BeTheChange for #MentalHealth

How would you like to support?