Micah get well soon

by James Clark




On Friday night November the 26th Micah was let out to go outside to potty and after he didn't come back, we went looking for him, we live in the country and there's lots of space for him to explore. We called and called for him for about 45 minutes and still.... nothing.

Finally, we saw some hazard lights 30 yards away and knew something was wrong. I went over and asked the people if it was a dog, they said yes, then I very cautiously asked if he was dead and they said no.

As I walked over to him it was the saddest sight, he was bleeding from his head, legs and other places. So, someone hit him and left him there to die. the people that stopped had called the police because they weren't sure whose dog it was. we got some blankets as it was super cold, wrapped him up and drove him 45 minutes away to the emergency clinic on Cary St in Richmond where he has been ever since. 

He is recovering but is in need of surgery for his broken leg, we have already paid close to 6,000 dollars and we have 4 kids and one on the way with only one income. If you could find it in your heart to help it would be so greatly appreciated. we love Micah and putting him down was not an option even though it was presented to us! Thank you for reading our story, May God bless you!

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