Swan Rehabilitation

by Alyson Clift




'RossOrRachel' is a beautiful injured Mute Swan that was hit by a vehicle on the morning of Wednesday, May 11th 2022.

We are asking for donations to cover the veterinary care for this injured bird, including exams, X-rays, surgeries, medications, and any other veterinary related costs associated with helping it to recover.

Any donations that are not needed for its medical care will be put towards the costs to feed and house the bird while it recovers, and ultimately provide it with a forever home.

Mute Swans cannot be re-released where we live, and we believe this animal deserves to survive and have a happy healthy life.

We have some experience keeping waterfowl on our little farm here, and have been in contact with Mute Swan experts from across the country about this bird. We all agree that RossOrRachel can thrive again if we just give them a little help.

How would you like to support?