Help me save my Luna

by Thor Pedersen




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Luna came to me as a broken dog, approx 5 years old. She had been abused - there are scars and she had infections in her face and ears and reproductive areas, low white blood cells, a cranial hematoma and signs of trauma in her demeanor. I don't think she knew how to be herself, nor how to be a dog, a loved dog at that.

Over the past couple years, especially with lockdown during Covid, we bonded. We became inseparable. That is still true today. 

Today she wags. She loves loves loves her five-year-old niece and nephew. She loves all kids and grown-ups. She loves car rides more than anything, except food. She barks from time to time to let me know she wants something. She knows how to and feels safe asking for what she wants, and she surely gets it. She gets the best spot on the bed, and I tolerate her farts because I love her so. 

On 5/23, after a few weeks of coughing which worsened to the point of concern, her regular Vet at Paz North Austin took some chest xrays which led to the discovery of a tumor in her chest which is larger than her heart. It is cancer related. It is operable, pending a CT scan. She was directed to an Oncologist at Pet Specialists of Austin who performed a biopsy this past Monday. From here we have two options, surgery or chemotherapy. 

I don't make much money. I work full time and then some, but I am below the poverty level. I live with a chronic medical condition which affects my immune system and my wallet tremendously.

I personally don't deserve anyone's charity, but Luna in my opinion most certainly does. Her life until a couple years ago was unkind. She's had me only a fraction of that life, and just recently she's finally figured out how to be her best self, how to feel safe and loved, how to receive and give affection, and I don't want her to leave without getting to enjoy every single moment of the life she has now. 

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