Surgery for Fracture Needed

by Donisha Matthews


Hey, my name is Donisha and my dog’s name is Sasha. She’ll be turning 1 in the next couple of weeks and she definitely is a dog that acts her age. She’s very loving and cuddly, but also very energetic and wild at times. I’ve had her since she was 3 months old and at that time I had a driving job so she’d always ride with me, even during my 12 hour shifts with no problem at all. I don’t have a car at the moment so she hasn’t rode in a car in the last few months. I had a rental car and yesterday she decided to jump out of the window. The window wasn’t rolled all the way down, but since I was on the phone with my job I wasn’t paying enough attention. She accidentally rolled the window down all the way on her own, like she has done only a few times before, and shortly after I’m assuming is when she jumped out. I immediately took her to the emergency vet and they confirmed that her bone in her right leg is fractured and she will need surgery ASAP. I don’t have the best credit, so I’m hoping to get some assistance with helping my baby girl. I’m only 24 and have no kids, so I thought a dog would hold me over until I’m ready but it turns out that she is definitely my daughter but in dog form lol.. we thank you for everything in advance and prayers work just as well ❤️❤️

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