Emergency Entropion Needed; (didn't know there was a word limit :( I set goal to cover half, cause i don't expect someone else to take responsibility for my baby, just need some help is all.)

by Branden Trefsgar




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(minor rant, sorry);

TL;DR - rescued cat of five years, needs surgery I've never heard of or had to do, that costs up to $1k-$3k in fees otherwise he'll go blind/lose an eye, despite vets saying for years he's fine or too old. I lost my job recently, unable to find new one atm, so can't afford this surgery, desperately looking for other/better/possibly cheaper vets that could do a surgery for a diagnosis of "entropion". Money ISN'T the end all be all, but if we're all being honest it is pretty much the only issue here, so I'm hoping internet strangers can possibly surprise me with some help, well for  my fluffy boy, not me.

ACTUAL POST - I've been long time animal lover pretty much entire life, family as well. Sometimes we do rescues, I did a rescue some years ago and ended up getting the most loving cat with a full personality I've ever seen in all my years. When I first found him obviously did a full check up, cleaning, examinations, top-offs of meds n everything in the first week. The biggest thing to note, was he had a bit of a leaky? eye, and would always get lots of extra "sleepies"/"gunk" almost every other day.

Every vet I ever took him to, even throughout yearly check-ups would always tell me not to worry and that he was just old, or it was just because of a 'wound' he got when he was a wild/stray. (Speaking of he was chipped and abandoned, so I didn't just outright steal/disturb a stray, he looked way too 'different' to be stray which is the whole reason I saved him. The original owners were contacted and they outright said they expected him to die, but that's a different story, he's mine now.)

Back to main story, it's been nearly FIVE years now, he's not that old as everyone told me. An I've gone to so many vets I can't possibly count them anymore, and I FINALLY, found one that told me. Not too old, doesn't just have "over active" eye lid, and he doesn't need meds. He needs Unilateral Entropion surgery if I want to make sure he can keep his sight

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