Saving Duplo

by Kristi Watson




My name is Kristi, and we're trying to save our 22 week old, Shih Tzu puppy, Duplo. Duplo has a congenital condition that prevents his liver from receiving sufficient blood supply, which prevents his liver from growing and working efficiently. This condition is known as a portosystemic shunt.

We noticed something was wrong with Duplo when his walking went from looking like a clumsy pup to a consistent sway and stagger. Although, Duplo didn't seem to be in any pain, we knew something wasn't right. We originally thought that Duplo's wobbly gait was caused by cerebellar hydroplasia, which is caused by a undeveloped motor cortex, but once his blood work came back, we were made aware that his wobbly composure was being caused by a portosystemic shunt and this was causing hepatic encephalitis (the wobbliness). The "wobbles" (as we refer to it) is caused by a build up of toxins in his body that his liver is unable to filter out of his blood. These toxins travel to his brain and is what causes his neurological symptems. We don't know how much time we have left with Duplo. It could be weeks, months, or years, but we do know his time on earth is significantly shorter without surgery. We have been ensured that he is not in any pain; and if you were to meet Duplo, you would see that he is the happiest little pup with the funniest personality.

We contacted multiple hospitals and we found one in Sorrento Valley, CA. Veterinarian Specialty Hospital is able to do Duplo's surgery. We were given a quote of $7,141.66 - $8, 537.75. Duplo is family and because he has a pre-existing condition, we don't qualify for pet health insurance.

Duplo may not receive the funds in time to save his life. Thus, any funds we receive, in the event that we don't receive the funds in time, will go on to save pups like Duplo as we will begin a non-profit to save happy pups like Duplo that are in need of life saving surgeries.

We appreciate any donation amount and all prayers.

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