Paco’s Life Support

by Shekayla Forrest




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Paco is diagnosed with  severe Canine Ulcerative Paradental  Stomatitis disease(CUPS). During the oral exam the doctor noticed severe halitosis, oral pain, contact Mucositis, ulcer cheek scared with loss of elasticity and has severe bone loss in his teeth. The treatment plan for Paco is to have all of his teeth removed. Having all of his teeth removed will improve his quality of life since some days he doesn’t eat at all because of the pain. If the pain continues and he doesn’t eat anymore he will die. He has no other health issues and is capable of having a long healthy life if treated.

Paco is a wonderful loving dog. Honestly he is the fastest dog I have ever seen in my life. It really hurts me to see him in so much pain knowing I can’t help him the way he needs. I had another pet that has recently passed on from old age and can’t take anymore loss. Paco is deserving of a healthy full life. I wish I could give that to him. He is apart of the family and more than just a pet for me. I don’t want him to die. Please help us! We will be forever great-full! 

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