Sully's Emergency Surgery

by Barbara Comeaux




Meet Sully: AKA James P. Sullivan, Sully the SuperCat. I've rescued/adopted cats for over 25 years, saving many. For 6 years, this guy's been my shadow and support through being a solitary caregiver for a parent with Alzheimer's, recently losing my house of 20 years, and then moving to a new city by myself.

The Problem: Recently he hadn't been using his litter box much, but not for a lack of trying. I would only see a few drops of urine at a time with no traces of blood. His behavior, appetite, and grooming were all fine until 2 days ago. He seemed extra sleepy that morning, and when he didn't come down for breakfast I knew something was terribly wrong. I checked his belly and palpated his bladder causing him to growl. My little lion hardly ever vocalizes. It was the biggest red flag and could only mean 1 thing  which could kill him.

The Diagnosis & Treatment: Blocked cat syndrome is when a large amount of crystals clump and block the urethra of male cats. Due to the blockage, the acidity and reduced kidney function will cause the cat to become septic and die within a few days at the most. Surgery is mandatory to release the blockage. Luckily I was able to get him to the Westerville Veterinary Hospital, a 2 hour drive, but they could see him immediately. They confirmed the diagnosis and used a cystocentisis to discover his urine in his swollen bladder was the color of "red port wine".

His blood work revealed his electrolytes were unbelievably elevated, increasing the risk of heart issues in surgery. His kidneys might have been damaged. The surgery was a success with the blockage removed. Now we have to wait to determine damage left behind.

The Request: I'm asking for help covering the cost of surgery and recovery. I've not been able to work since June when I suffered a severe case of Covid with Long Covid lingering. I have no income, but wouldn't let him suffer an agonizing death. Please help. We need angels in abundance. Love Babs & Sullivan banner

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