by Ashley Olvera




Hello everyone I’m here to ask for your help. I have been taking care of strays for as long as I can remember and I currently have two kitties of my own. All my money goes to them and their care. My stray friend Sashimi came into our lives a year ago and she has stuck around ever since. She is an angel upon angels! Always happy to see us, greets anyone and everyone as they come in and out our home. She puts a smile on so many faces and she’s always been such a joy to have around. We love to talk to her and listen to her meow back in response to us as if she understands what we’re saying to her. We love her so much. We were devastated when she disappeared a few nights ago and was gone for almost 4 days. We have no idea what happened in that time but when she returned home to us she was barely mobile, limping, crying out in pain. Upon looking further I noticed she won’t put any pressure on her hind leg/s and her spine is curved in from one side. It seems likely to me she was struck by a car! I’m shattered at the thought that someone did this to our friend. She waddled all the way back home to us in search of help and all I have been able to do is comfort her. It’s heartbreaking seeing her suffer. She waits by the door and we can see she’s in pain and I’m so desperately trying to help but she needs a real doctor. I cannot stand to think the only thing preventing us from helping this baby is funds. I am asking for help from all of you even if you cannot donate please SHARE and get the word out for my furry friend. SASHIMI DESERVES BETTER THAN THIS!! Help me help her. 

I have set up a GofundMe if anyone is interested in helping us. I will leave the link below. THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!

How would you like to support?