Bo Bo tumor removal surgery

by Eric Teague




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I've known my friend Jonathan for over 22 years when Jonathan lost his first dog he swore that he would never allow himself to go through that pain again it literally ripped his whole world apart that is until Jonathan met Bobo Bobo's whole life was spent fighting other dogs abused mistreated and left caged in the backyard malnourished Jonathan heard about this he immediately went and rescued this dog you can tell by the scars the dog's head and body that he had been in a lot of fights yet the bond that formed between Bobo and my friend Jonathan has been like father to a son over the last year Jonathan has noticed several tumors beginning to form throughout the dog's genital throat and body Jonathan would literally sell a limb to save this dog's life . Being a animal lover myself this is one dog that I would fight for that I would donate to and this is one story that needs to be heard a man with a heart of gold and a dog with a heart to match even though both have had huge hardships in life it does not change the way they treat each other other people with love care loyalty and true friendship please help Bubba get the surgery he needs or any help would be a blessing

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